The Dark Place: Writing Scary Scenes

I have sent my current WIP (Book 2: The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan) to my proof readers for their usual expertise.  I should get it back by the end of the week (at least from some of them) and I will see if this latest installment is too dark for them.  You see, the last fewContinue reading “The Dark Place: Writing Scary Scenes”

Who Is Talking?: Narrative Voice and the Writer

Plato and Aristotle identified three basic kinds of narrator: 1.  The speaker or poet who uses their own voice. 2.  The speaker or poet who assumes the voice of another person or persons, speaking in a voice not their own. 3.  The speaker or poet who uses a mixture of their own voice and thatContinue reading “Who Is Talking?: Narrative Voice and the Writer”

Who Do You Write Like?

  I went to the following site where one can paste a portion of their current project into the analysis engine and find out which famous author is most similar to one’s personal style.  Here are the results: Understand that my current novel is written so that each chapter is a different voice speaking.  I choseContinue reading “Who Do You Write Like?”

Youthful Dreams: A Writer’s Journey Over 25 Years

I started writing short stories and poetry in 10th grade.  The reason, in the beginning, was simple: wooing women.  Of course, none of the poems I wrote ever ended up in the hands of any girls, but I soldiered on, and my sophomore year began with a creative writing class where we were not reallyContinue reading “Youthful Dreams: A Writer’s Journey Over 25 Years”

Gone, Gone: Are All the Good Ideas Gone?

In the crazy firestorm that is the major motion picture The Hunger Games we need to stop a moment and realize with a small whimper of sadness that all the good ideas may be used up. Don’t judge me.  The Hunger Games has a nice narrative, flows well, tells a good story and is all-in-allContinue reading “Gone, Gone: Are All the Good Ideas Gone?”