Creative Genius Is On Loan

Today’s TED talk is one from 2009, from best-selling novelist Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.  She talks about the elusive ghost that is creativity, and has some rather unorthodox ideas about it, ideas that I share to some extent. She states that creativity and suffering seem somehow linked, noting the many artists over theContinue reading “Creative Genius Is On Loan”

How to Write Your Novel In Under 20 Minutes by Simon Van Booy

And now it is time for a Saturday morning pep talk, writers.  Simon Van Booy, writer of several short stories, novels and other award winning text, who has also written some intriguing philosophy books, gives his two cents on writing and planning a novel…and why everyone should.  This is worth a listen.  Running time 17:51.

“The Art of Metaphor” by Jane Hirshfield

I found this fantastic little video that illustrates the importance of using metaphor in our writing.  It’s an animation which uses Jane Hirshfield’s TED talk on the subject of using metaphors in our writing.  Enjoy!

9 Things Every Successful Story Needs

  Back in February, Andrew Stanton (creator of Toy Story) gave a TED talk about things that make a great story.  I watched this again recently and decided that for those of you who are on the go, busy writing your epic tale, would appreciate a shortened version.  Here are the highlights of that amazing talk:Continue reading “9 Things Every Successful Story Needs”