Friday Flash Fiction: The Antenna

Allen hated heights. He had tried everything to pick up local channels with little success due to living in such a remotely rural area and now he was standing on his roof carefully fitting yet another television antenna together, sweat pouring down his face. “Honey,” he had told his wife.  “It’s a Saturday and IContinue reading “Friday Flash Fiction: The Antenna”

Under the Dome: Stephen King Talks Writing Brass Tacks

The new miniseries based on Stephen King‘s best selling novel Under the Dome premieres tonight on CBS at 9 eastern time (U.S.) and there was a great live chat with him that you can view below where he answers questions from Twitter and talks about the processes he uses as a writer.  There are many wise writingContinue reading “Under the Dome: Stephen King Talks Writing Brass Tacks”

Crowd Funding Your Novel: Pros and Cons

  Let’s face it.  Funding your own novel is an expensive process.  Even if you are a self-starter like myself who would just as well publish a print copy and e-copies of my book through Amazon Createspace, it still takes gold to get the publicity and advertising you need, not to mention the dough forContinue reading “Crowd Funding Your Novel: Pros and Cons”