“Tolkien’s 10 Tips” Article Featured On Jonathan Gunson’s Site

I feel giddy.  Jonathan Gunson, best selling author, e-mailed me a few days ago and asked if I would like to let him publish my article Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers on his website.  Follow this link to check it out!

3 Ways to Refresh and Revitalize Overused Character Archetypes

I love Netflix, but then I’m a sucker for bad movies.  We pay $8 a month for the instant streaming service, and when we surf through the possible titles, we see literally thousands of movies that probably should not have been made.  Most of the worst are those movies made by The Asylum, called “mockbusters”, whereContinue reading “3 Ways to Refresh and Revitalize Overused Character Archetypes”

Guest Post: “Cycling Grandma” Nothing Like a Bunch of Kids to Teach You Some Stuff

Thanks goes to Lisa over at Cycling Grandmafor this post:My sister Madeline teaches at a small elementary school in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had gone to watch her third graders perform a play. An ESOL teacher, she had adapted Sam Swope’s The Araboolies of Liberty Street  into a musical, retelling the story using well known melodies. BeforeContinue reading “Guest Post: “Cycling Grandma” Nothing Like a Bunch of Kids to Teach You Some Stuff”

How Rich Are You?

As a writer, I think I cleared a little over $5 last month on royalties for my e-novel.  As a teacher, I make less than most people in the professional world with degrees.  I wanted to give all of us who make very little money yet continue in the writing or teaching game a littleContinue reading “How Rich Are You?”

Call for Guest Posts

I am going to go to Boy Scout camp with my son from June 17th-24th. I will be out of internet range during this time and will need to keep the posts rolling out in order to continue building my platform. My lovely wife will be publishing these guest posts during that week in myContinue reading “Call for Guest Posts”