9 Days Until the End of My Book…Or the End of the World

I spent the day with my mother yesterday.  It would have been her 48th wedding anniversary had my Dad lived to see it.  Dad passed away a little over 2 years ago, and that day is always very sad for mom. Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done, but she’s worth the timeContinue reading “9 Days Until the End of My Book…Or the End of the World”

The U.S. of After Chapter 44

Amy The sun was it’s usual dim self since the meteor hit.  I guess that debris wouldn’t be falling out of the sky any time soon.  At least it cooled things down a bit.  The sun wasn’t directly burning our skin at least.  The canopy of the boat, even though it had been burned prettyContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 44”

The U.S. of After Chapter 36

Clayton That’s two prayers answered. I stood on the bow of the boat and watched as several children gathered ‘round me.  Them militia guys hadn’t followed us down river and that was a miracle. The kids sat in perfect silence.  I think they was mostly scared out of their minds from the mess we justContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 36”

The U.S. of After Chapter 28

Ethan That lady knew something about me. I could see it on her face when she looked at my shirt. I knew that I had to put as much distance between myself and these people as possible and I had to do it soon.  I thought I’d wait until nightfall, see what I could findContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 28”

The U.S. of After Chapter 15

Ethan McAlester was a mess.  Riots, Volos, disorder, everything went down the drain.  I lay on the side of a hill looking across the city at the black smoke rising up and wondered if I my life would ever be the same again.  I took this military uniform off a corpse because he sure didn’tContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 15”

The U.S. of After Chapter 7

Howard I could see it before they did. I had climbed up on the roof to enjoy the beautiful stars and found myself staring off into the night sky wondering when this current bad patch of human history would get better.  I had experienced several bad patches in recent history, but that was nothing newContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 7”

The U.S. of After Chapter 4

Amy Yeah, so I was just sitting in my house minding my own business when this skinny nerd decided to break in.  I suppose I couldn’t blame him, what with the world all gone crazy, but a girl’s gotta defend herself.  I dragged his sorry self into the house and then bound him all upContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 4”

The U.S. of After Chapter 2

Clayton Not long after my grocery stop I decided that I would have to find a horse or somethin’.  Walkin’ was a real chore.  I had some pretty good shoes I found in an overturned truck, some Academy Sports and Outdoors specials, but I just got tired of walkin’ all the time.  I had eatenContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 2”

Writing the Apocalypse: Everybody Needs a Good Plague

I am currently two thirds of the way through writing book one of my latest novel, This Broken Earth: The U.S. of After.  I would say that one of the most challenging things was giving a global pandemic a realistic feel without sounding too much like Stephen King’s famous novel The Stand.  The super flu inContinue reading “Writing the Apocalypse: Everybody Needs a Good Plague”