NaNoWriMo Writing Tip #7: Punctuation

There are basically five punctuation errors that every writer must avoid.  These are: 1.  The Comma Splice – Two sentences joined only with a comma. Example: He fell into the pool of water, his clothes soaked up the cold wetness.  This should be two sentences. 2.  The Run-On Sentence or Fused Sentence – A sentenceContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Writing Tip #7: Punctuation”

NaNoWriMo Writing Tip #6: Bogging Down

Hopefully before attempting the NaNoWriMo you wrote an outline for your novel.  If not, you will soon find yourself bogging down in the plot and not being able to carry on.  Even if you did write an outline, sometimes that is not enough to steer around the muck and mire of the tar pits ofContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Writing Tip #6: Bogging Down”

Weekly Roundup: 10/20/12

I am feverishly working to ensure that Book 2 of This Broken Earth is 10 times more exciting than Book 1 (even if it is nearly half as long as the first installment).  The first installment took place over the course of a couple of months, but it only takes the The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan 7 days toContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: 10/20/12”

The Dark Place: Writing Scary Scenes

I have sent my current WIP (Book 2: The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan) to my proof readers for their usual expertise.  I should get it back by the end of the week (at least from some of them) and I will see if this latest installment is too dark for them.  You see, the last fewContinue reading “The Dark Place: Writing Scary Scenes”

Writing Believable Dialogue

One of the most important keys to writing an engaging novel is dialogue.  However, some writers are able to write it well, and some writers have trouble.  Today I thought I would discuss four pitfalls that writers often find themselves and some ways to combat this nasty issue. Problem #1: Stilted Dialogue Stilted dialogue isContinue reading “Writing Believable Dialogue”

Difficult Passages: Writing Outside of Our Experience

As writers we all have written those passages that leap out of our minds and onto the page without much effort.  When this happens, there is a thrill that is unmatched by anything we could do or say.  Sometimes we write passages that seem for us to be easily penned, but most of the time,Continue reading “Difficult Passages: Writing Outside of Our Experience”

If You Can’t Find a Writer’s Group, Join a Forum

Being a part of a writing group is absolutely necessary when writing anything that people will read.  If you sit alone at your computer, churning out self-published novels without the input and critique of others you are only reaching half of your potential as a writer.  Writer’s groups pull this potential out of you andContinue reading “If You Can’t Find a Writer’s Group, Join a Forum”