Weekly Roundup: 9/21/12

It has been a busy week, but now I am off for my annual trip to Ennis, Texas where Conner and I and a few friends will attend the NHRA drag races.  This will be our third year at the races, and it looks to be a great weekend since it will be 80 degreesContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: 9/21/12”

Labor Day Means Writing

I am a high school English teacher by trade and a writer of novels in my spare time.  School started two weeks ago and my spare time has dropped to a spare minimum.  I have been writing steadily on Book 2: The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan and am nearing the end of the narrative, but becauseContinue reading “Labor Day Means Writing”

Difficult Passages: Writing Outside of Our Experience

As writers we all have written those passages that leap out of our minds and onto the page without much effort.  When this happens, there is a thrill that is unmatched by anything we could do or say.  Sometimes we write passages that seem for us to be easily penned, but most of the time,Continue reading “Difficult Passages: Writing Outside of Our Experience”

Writing Faux Pas: Lazy Usage

As an English teacher I have seen it all, it seems.  Over the course of nearly 15 years of teaching, I have seen many mistakes and have corrected my fair share of lazy usage.  Unfortunately students often write like they speak or use texting language on everyday writing assignments. The following are some of theContinue reading “Writing Faux Pas: Lazy Usage”

How to Write Using an Extended Metaphor

  Today is a good day for a writing exercise.  This one is tough, and will really work your mental muscle, so sit down, hold on and get ready to write like you may never have written before.  This will work best if you can share ideas with a partner, so find someone to doContinue reading “How to Write Using an Extended Metaphor”