20 Writing Prompts for Science Fiction Writers

I’m sure you have your own lists, but this is my tried and true list to get me started on any writing project.  Perhaps you can use these or tweak these to suit your own interests, and perhaps you can use them to start yet another novel you won’t finish. My advice: Finish it beforeContinue reading “20 Writing Prompts for Science Fiction Writers”

New Podcast Up: Take a Vacation Not a Trip

In this episode we discuss the idea I put forth in a blog post last week about taking a vacation instead of going on a trip.  Ryan had some other ideas about the subject, and it turns out to be a little more individual matter than most would realize.  Oh yeah, and we give our spoilerContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Take a Vacation Not a Trip”

Don’t Feed the Negative Body Image

I am currently teaching an adjunct course at St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  It is a literature course, and last week one of the readings was a poem by Marge Piercy entitled “Barbie Doll”.  Here is the poem, and the discussion about it comes after: Barbie Doll This girlchild was born as usual and presentedContinue reading “Don’t Feed the Negative Body Image”