Why Teaching Research Writing Is More Important Than Ever

As Harlan Ellison said: “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. Everything else is just hot air and farts in the wind.”

YouTube Site Launch!

I’ve written on this blog about what I’m going to do to help promote myself a bit more.  Now that Ryan and I have moved on from the podcast to other things, I decided to get hopping on a YouTube channel where I’ll offer funny videos (mostly with my kids who are my life), audioContinue reading “YouTube Site Launch!”

Blog Spam Is Sometimes Hilarious

I am not really sure where it comes from, but I will often get comments to my blog posts that are…well…nonsensical spam.  Today I decided to post some examples of this for your enjoyment, and since this is a blog about writing, the sad thing would be that these writers are wasting their time writing thisContinue reading “Blog Spam Is Sometimes Hilarious”

Podcasting: An Untapped Marketing Strategy

To date there are literally millions of podcasts out there each with a different subject to hock at us, most of them informational or for entertainment. Currently Ryan McKinley and I are recording a podcast called Fanboys on Fiction, and we are getting some regular hits on iTunes and on the host site, Podomatic.com.  However, IContinue reading “Podcasting: An Untapped Marketing Strategy”

How to Write a Fight Scene If You Aren’t a Fighter

  So you are writing an action story or a novel requiring a fight scene or two but if someone were to raise their fists in your direction you would flinch and probably run away. What to do? The answer to this is more simple than you might think.  I’m not asking (by any means)Continue reading “How to Write a Fight Scene If You Aren’t a Fighter”

To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

I usually don’t do this, but this poem by Shane Koyczan struck a nerve with me.  Recently I have been dredging up my own demons in writing my latest novel The Painful Best because my protagonist is the result of one event cascading into several other bad events that end up ruining his life.  He is anContinue reading “To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan”

Student Writers Living In Poverty

In the many years I have spent in the classroom, I have been through several modes of thought as a teacher and most of these modes were originally brought on by the way I was raised. I grew up in a home with parents who did not graduate from college but who had a highContinue reading “Student Writers Living In Poverty”

King Lear: A Common Core Unit

I teach one section of 12th graders, and rather than read the normal Macbeth play for our Shakespeare unit, I choose King Lear.  Lear is probably one of the most commonly relatable plays for my particular culture because over half of my students come from broken homes or live in single parent households.  Here areContinue reading “King Lear: A Common Core Unit”