Texas Frightmare Weekend

Saturday I drove to Dallas, Texas to attend the annual Texas Frightmare Weekend at the Hyatt hotel at the DFW airport.  The trip was a reward for two of my children who are rabid Walking Dead fans, who were there not to see Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), but to get Scott Wilson’s (Hershel Green’s) autograph. We arrivedContinue reading “Texas Frightmare Weekend”

Raising a Preemie: My Son’s Current Predicament

Yesterday my wife and I took my son Conner to an endocrinologist to discuss the fact that his bone growth is two years behind what it should be.  This is all due to the fact that my son was born at 24 weeks, weighed 1 lb. 8 oz., and was 12 inches long.  The doctorContinue reading “Raising a Preemie: My Son’s Current Predicament”

A Chip Off the Old Block

Friday was a very special day for me.  It was the day that my oldest daughter informed me that she wanted to write a book. Kaylee is 11 years old and most parents probably would have said something like “Aww.  That’s cute.” or “that’s nice, dear” and then gone on about their business.  No.  IContinue reading “A Chip Off the Old Block”

My Struggling Special Needs Son

My son Conner has had and will probably always have struggles in school.  He was born at 24 weeks, weighed 1 lb. 8 oz., and is severely nearsighted.  At first we thought that this miracle child had only those things that would keep him from leading a somewhat normal life, but then came asthma, aContinue reading “My Struggling Special Needs Son”

What Boy Scouts Inadvertently Taught Me About Being a Dad

I returned early from the Boy Scout campout at Slippery Falls Ranch in Tishomingo, and I’ll have to say that my son and I were disappointed in the experience (at least the part involving Boy Scouts).  For example, in order for a scout to carry a pocket knife around, he has to endure a 3Continue reading “What Boy Scouts Inadvertently Taught Me About Being a Dad”

My Tween Daughter: Justin Bieber Loses to the Medieval Fair

I have three daughters.  The oldest of the three is a tween and loves horses, reading books (not Twilight) and can’t stand Justin Bieber or any tween heartthrob like him.  Most tweens her age are too busy texting, Tweeting, or surfing the web for pictures of the latest teen plasticine fresh face, but she wouldContinue reading “My Tween Daughter: Justin Bieber Loses to the Medieval Fair”