How to Write a Fight Scene If You Aren’t a Fighter

  So you are writing an action story or a novel requiring a fight scene or two but if someone were to raise their fists in your direction you would flinch and probably run away. What to do? The answer to this is more simple than you might think.  I’m not asking (by any means)Continue reading “How to Write a Fight Scene If You Aren’t a Fighter”

What’s In a Name: The Importance of Choosing the Right Character Name

When I sat down to write the outline for This Broken Earth, I knew that I had to choose very important names for each of my characters, names whose meanings had messages all their own.  When choosing the right name for a character, consider two things: 1.  Baby Name Books – I usually browse through theseContinue reading “What’s In a Name: The Importance of Choosing the Right Character Name”

I’m Batman

I must say that this writer’s favorite superhero is indeed Batman. Why?  Well, mostly because some of the best writing in the genre has surrounded that shadowy detective, because he solves all of his problems with his incredible analytical mind, because he holds his own with the Justice League and can best all of themContinue reading “I’m Batman”

Summer Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

I am a life long fan of Batman. I am not one of those t-shirt wearing, fist pumping, fair-weather fans who adopted Batman recently because he’s suddenly dark again and they like his appeal.  No.  I have been collecting Batman comics since I was a boy.  I follow the comic book Batman. I’m the guyContinue reading “Summer Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises”